Jeweler’s Block Coverage

Covered Property ??This insurance covers the insured’s stock; property left with the insured for repair or other purposes; and the insured’s interest in and legal liability for property on memorandum or consignment from others in the jewelry trade. ??Covered Perils ??The policy is written on a special” form. Some of the more prevalent perils covered are fire; open stock burglary; inside and outside holdup; safe burglary; theft; pilferage; kidnapping; shoplifting; window smashing; damage or loss of salesman’s samples in transit; loss in transit by registered mail; water damage; sprinkler leakage; and smoke damage. ??Exclusions ??The principal exclusions are loss caused by war or nuclear reaction; loss or shortage disclosed on taking inventory; loss from unattended vehicle other than common carrier vehicle; loss during shipment other than by registered mail or under receipt by armored car service; passenger bus line; or customer parcel delivery service; loss at insured’s premises caused by earthquake or flood; loss caused by dishonesty of anyone to whom property is entrusted; damage sustained while property is being worked on; and damage sustained while property is being worn; except watches worn solely for the purpose of adjustment.”

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