Client Handouts and Mailings

This page is intended to keep you informed of recent mailings or client handouts that we have created. Below are a few of the items that we have received requests for in the past. If you would like copies of any of these materials, please let us know.

PPACA Filings and Taxes– Listing of new PPACA Taxes and Filings through 2018.

PPACA Disclosure Forms and Employee Communication– Information on annual reporting requirements and Individual Marketplace.

Brief Summary of Reports 6055 and 6056 – Quick outline of reporting requirements for forms 6055 and 6056 in 2015 and 2016.

Health Care Reform May 2013 Rotary Presentation – Brief Review of PPACA Health Care Reform

Long Term Care Insurance – It is all Beyond the Dollars– A brochure designed to help employers navigate their Long Term Care Insurance options.

Feel Better Stretch Card – This pocket sized card provides instructions on 12 different stretches to add to your daily routine.

Is it the Cold or the Flu? – Use this sheet to determine if you have the Cold or the Flu based on your current symptoms.

Your Best Health Insurance – Six simple things you can do to become a healthier you.

Medication Safety Checklist – This pocket sized medication checklist helps you keep track of medications you are taking, provides questions you should ask your doctor or pharmacist regarding your medications, and can be useful in an emergency situation.


July 2013 PPACA Compliance Update


October 2012 -CMS, WHCRA and Privacy Notice

August 2012 – Health Care Reform Benefit Blast

July 2012 – Long Term Care: Reality Check and Tax Alert

June 2012 – Upcoming Supreme Court Ruling

April 2012 – Your Other Health Insurance (Long Term Care Insurance)

March 2012 – Benefits Update

February 2012 – Two New Group and Personal Insurance Plans.

December 2011 – Hospital Rate Increases Have Gone Down

November 2011 – Health Insurance Benefits for Children – New Wisconsin Legislation

October 2011 – Medicare Eligible Creditable Coverage Disclosure Requirements

April 2011 – Wisconsin Health Savings Account Tax Update

February 2011 – Small Employer Tax Credit for 2010

Note: Please consult your legal counsel or tax advisor concerning legal and tax issues that are not insurance carrier contract or insurance practice related. We do not provide legal or tax advice and it should be noted that only some white papers are regularly updated. Please call with any questions.